Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Spoiled Brat

One day my beloved made a statement, “I decide to quit cooking for the rest of my life.” Yesterday, he restated that, “I said, ‘I quit cooking.’ If you don’t cook, then we order something.” When he said so, some glory reflected on his face and I almost sensed that he must be very proud of himself for earning some kind of royal privilege.

I said, “Dear, it seems that I spoil you already. Now you decide to be a king forever.” He replied, “HAHAHA, come on, you love it. Look at you, you don’t seem so regretted and you have a smile on your face. I enjoy your cooking and finish all whatever you cook. I know that way pleases you so much. You do spoil me and you love to spoil me.”

What can I say, my dear spoiled brat.

Unforgettable Night

On December 17, I was the hostess for my university alumni association dinner party. Earlier of this week, I was worried if the MTA strike will affect our attendance. Luckily, they decided to start from some private bus lines, biggest show time will come next Tuesday. I was busy for taking shower, picking up my dress, having my hair and make up done the whole Saturday afternoon. I wish every time my appearance will be like a princess and honor my dear hubby. He loves to attend big party with me and show my gorgeousness and beauty to people and he enjoys seeing how I catch people’s eyeballs. That must be a totally different look than usual the one at home cooking at kitchen or the one sticking on the bed till noon. But, take easy, it is not Makeover TV show, I am a natural beauty.

Suddenly, a screening from the bedroom, “I could not find my pearl necklace! And I don’t have any luxury earrings to match my dress……” said a desperate housewife. My dear came into the room and said, “Baby, you look fine and just put your hair up. We have to move soon, we are definitely late.” Anyway, I decided to wear the dedicate diamond necklace which I got from my grandma in law at my wedding with one pair it-looked-ok earrings.

In the subway, my dear asked me if I would like to stop by one place to pick up something. I thought for just a second and decided it was better to go if I did not want to get myself lost and caused trouble to the party in absence of the hostess. We got out around 34th Street and passed the Macy’s, we went to some wrong directions. It seemed my dear did not really know quite well the location was. Finally we got into a "JEWELRY STORE". People were so busy in the store, because the big holiday always went along with big sale. I kind of realized something was going on here, but “Is that true? Is that possible? No way…..Is that a surprise?” those questions kept coming out from my heart like the ripples getting more and more. My dear showed the clerk a series number on a piece of paper in his writing and said to her that he was looking for that. Then, the cool guy led me to the sapphire counter, pointed at one pair of earrings, said “Do you like that? Or, you can pick anything else you like.” “Listen to it, does it not sound like the dialog at movie? I never imagine it happens to me one day.” A little voice raised from my heart. That lady took out the sapphire earrings and presented to me. I said to my lovely dear, “I love the one pick for me, because it comes with your love and considerate thought and it turns out the love companion of you.”

The sales lady seemed hardly to believe the deal was done so soon, the whole transaction took less than 5 minutes. Before we left, she still had many question marks on her face. “Is the guy a millionaire or billionaire? Did she know he planned for this? No, I don’t think she knew. She looked surprised and had her big blue smoky eyes much bigger?” I did not know what the lady clerk really thought, but I was sure she must happy to see us again. With my gorgeous sapphire earrings, that night I was extremely surprisingly beautiful. Because I knew I had my hubby’s love with me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

英語翻譯交流 VIII: ”回饋社會”的翻譯是什麼?

''Contribute to the society''
''Make contribution to the society''
''Devote yourself to the society''
"Dedicate yourself to the society"

請不要被中文的''回''給限制住了, 應該要求諸於本意是要為社會作些什麼
''Feedback''是用於有一來一往式的回應, 像是答問話, 作問卷, 或對具體實際上的要求作出回應或相對的援助. 當你面對廣泛的社會時,較不適宜用"Feedback."

英語翻譯交流 VII :”指涉沉重”的翻譯是什麼?

"Serious charge/accusation"

英語翻譯交流 VI: ”園遊會”的翻譯是什麼?


"Fair" means that a gathering of buyers and sellers at a particular place and time for trade or a competitive exhibition (as of farm products) may accompany entertainment and amusements.

Or, "Festival" means that time of celebration marked by special observances or a periodic season or program of cultural events.



Wednesday, October 19, 2005








英語翻譯交流 V: ”髮禁”的翻譯是什麼?

"Dress code"
這是對整體服裝儀容規定的統稱, 比方說公司行號或是參加特定場合會附說明請穿著西裝, 打領帶,不蓄鬍, 頭髮保持整潔, 勿著牛仔褲或請化妝等. 沒有特別說"髮禁", 因為那是你的自由,但要顧及場合及形象要求.

英語翻譯交流 IV: 台灣小吃"蚵仔煎"怎麼說?

"Oyster omelette"

Omelete is a dish of beaten eggs cooked in a frying pan and usually served with a savoury topping or filling. This is very popular in american restaurants.

Picture source: http://www.chineseypage.com/rest/topic/oyster.htm

英語翻譯交流III: 水果"蓮霧"怎麼說?

Rose apple or jamrosade.
I found on www.webster.com .
Please find the detailed definition through the link. http://unabridged.merriam-webster.com/cgi-bin/unabridged?va=jamrosade

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Picture resource: http://www.geocities.jp/heisei_baseball_team/photo_Gallery_index.html

Copyright © 2005 J.B. All rights reserved.

英語翻譯交流 II: 水果"釋迦"怎麼說?

"Buddha-head fruit" is one option.


英語翻譯交流 I: Fortune Knocks At Least Once At Every Man's Gate

意指請你好好把握機會 .
I think that is the proverb in Danish as the following, "Fortune often knocks at the door, but the fool does not invite her in."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Farm Trip II: Harvesting

Hmm...it was not done yet. All the crops must be under sunlight for days to extinguish from the moisture. For how long? It depends on the weather, they responded. During the daytime, farmers used a harrow to spread out all the crops on the gound for a rice sun tan; before sunset came, famers get all crops back to the warehouse waiting for another sun tan.

During the harvest season, all the collected rice crops had to go through the manual fan in order to filter some unmatured or bad crops or empty shells. First, put all the crops on top, then roll over the wheel on the right side, the best quality part would come out from the right-bottom passage. Those undesired would fall down from the left channel. In the old time, expected for better living, farmers kept the inferior portion as personal consumption while the superiority sold on the market.

See, those were the superior emblements.

For more see Farm Trip I: Plowing and Farm Trip III: Antiques.

Farm Trip I: Plowing

The May of 2005 was our first Taiwan trip after marriage. Even though we missed the chance to visit Field Village Museum this time, our friend invited us to a farm located in Houli County of Taichung City near the center of Taiwan by the west coast. There were so many interesting agricultural collections which recall my mom's memories of her childhood. My mom has never worked as farmer. She was so excited and could not help happily share her old-time stories about how fun the field could entertain kids. A person who grew up in the metropolitan jungle like me does not quite understand. Somehow this trip brings us closer and touches the part of her early life which I did not know about.

This is the cow bridle and plough.
It was used at the early stage of farming to loose the soils.

Do you see the sharp front-ends like arrows?
This is a plough as well.
They help draw deep tracks for following seeding.

This tool below serves the same function as the one above. The difference is that the small wheels of this one below could be adjusted the density as you wish, which help farmers make extensive and optimal use of the land.

The picture below shows the farm in Spring is so fresh green. When it turns into Autumn, the crop will be golden shinny and ready for harvesting.

For more see Farm Trip II: Harvesting and Farm Trip III: Antique Objects.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Get Yourself A Smart Chinese Name--Ancient Chinese Name Creation Methodology

One day I got a call from my European friend, who worked as Vice President Sales in China for ten years, asked me to give him a bright Chinese name. He said, “Please give me a real Chinese-use name, it must be definitely selected by Chinese name methodology. I don’t want something long and simply combining irrelevant characters by original pronunciation, like my colleagues. None can even remember the long and funny look name. Such name can not get me any closer to the Chinese community.”

In general there are two major ways for the name methodology, i.e. culture and fortune-telling. From the cultural aspect, the Chinese name philosophy is various and the affection dominates the result. For the respect and best blessing, people traditionally may consult the oldest of the family for a name. A name for a new-born baby usually reflects either the parents’ expectation, such as good health, fortune, integrity, success, kindness, etc. Partially or wholly identical name from the parents’ generation or any elderly in the family, which is very popular in United States, used to be considered as an offense in China. To bear in mind of the ancestor’s preach, some families may strictly follow the character sequence by the ancestor’s preach or the family poetry, if there is any. For instance, “Humbleness leads to concord” is in one’s family. The children in first kinship should share the same either the middle name or the first name with a character meaning of humbleness. Next kinship should get a character mean leading, so on and so forth. Nowadays people feel more flexible and comfortable in name selection, mostly people concern better on the affection or the expected accomplishment of the children. The tradition becomes just an alternative.

From some reasons, people sometimes don’t appreciate their own names given at their birth. It is very common that business people, merchants or entrepreneurs may like to have a nickname when they do the business or just get a new one, because they may feel the original name no more serves the needs to the success at their business. Hopefully a brand new name may be the ticket of good luck. For the segment of population which worships for special blesses, the fortune-teller will customize a best-fit name to each person based on the client’s birth of date, the weakness or preference of his or her personality applied by the logics of ancient name methodology.

 The example presented below is the name I gave my friend in order to promote his academic career.

Copyright © 2005. All rights reserved.

紐約 哪裡坐月子

美國人真的沒有在坐月子 他們東西可以吃冷的沒關係
不像我們麵飯菜從冰箱拿出來 就要熱一下
老公還糾正我 不是大家都像我一定要吃熱的

(表弟剛進普渡大學喔 八月中開學 優)
老公擺出從台灣空運來滴茶具 亮出最好的茶 請他們品茗
看他架勢十足 不過茶很燙
只有我一個人拿起來喝  他弟跟表弟都要等到頗涼才能入口
他們還都很訝異  我的構造是跟他們不一樣嗎 怎麼不怕燙

聽說加州有坐月子中心 我就想說東岸有沒
好像沒看到網路有登 曼哈頓的中國城也沒看到
不知道其他像法拉盛另一個中國城 台灣人比較多會不會有
我想我婆婆會很想照顧我們吧 她說以後有小孩
一定要搬回麻州 她可以就近照顧
雖然她不會幫忙坐月子 但誠意蠻感人的
看來要靠自己了 真羨慕別人的媽媽會飛來幫忙坐月子
我媽媽ㄛ 我看不用想了
她就只會說我什麼都不知道 我不會
但又覺得父母恩情是很大 我醬子是不是太小家子氣
但是我一向也都不要求什麼 有事也自己解決
對我來說 我不會認為父母本來應該給我們什麼
養大我們就很了不起了 我們大了自己應該可以照顧自己
多給我的 都當作是福氣
還好有網路有好姐妹作先鋒 有得靠


正在寫記事本時,老公傳來一陣嘲弄,「你要寫什麼ㄚ?一天到晚不出門就愛待在家,要寫你周一待家裡, 周二也待家裡一切如常,周三特別一點對老公發了一小頓莫名的脾氣?」呵呵呵,老公真是深得我心,連我一個小動作都逃不出他的法眼。就回敬他,「對ㄚ,我正是要寫本人律師準備考的辛酸血淚史,已經到了晨昏不明足不出戶的地步!」



Friday, September 16, 2005

拔牙 in US 後記 ~ 又一篇

我還沒有打算懷孕啦 不過牙齒健康跟懷孕是蠻相關滴
聽說懷孕牙齒會很脆弱 我怕那時會壞一排
我牙齒不好 尤其跟這裡在地的人比 更是差
他們很少補牙滴 更不用說 像我這種滿口補滴
我老公說我的牙齒有點慘 在台灣時 我自己還不那麼覺得勒

美國補牙是補白色的面 跟琺瑯質顏色一樣
所以不會黑黑滴 看起來舒服點
經過比較這裡的中美醫生 發現美國醫生醫術果然有比較好ㄛ
上麻藥的位置很精準 治療時不會痛
而且動作很神速 三兩下結束 我都還沒回神勒

記得我剛來紐約時 自己辦移民去體檢
一個猶太美國醫生幫我聽了 有心瓣膜閉鎖不全
但很輕微好發於很瘦的人身上 我老公說他也有
那是作侵入性治療時 像洗牙 補牙 手術之類等
幾次我忘了 牙醫打死都不幫我作
聽說輕則流血如注 重則引起心臟細菌感染就…….
不過中國醫生知道我以前在台灣就補過幾次 也沒怎樣 就也不怎麼以為然
(那時也不知道這種東西 我們中國人都是沒病不上醫院滴
我老公不是 他是要定期檢查 觀念果然有差)


NY律師考試喔 那晚超緊張 神經緊繃
所以也跟老公發神經 老公叫我放鬆 要乖乖

哈哈  是我最喜歡的爵士男歌手Nat King Cole紀念會

他還說本來前天晚回家 其實去買衣服給我
但沒有看到喜歡滴   我可以自己再去買

拔牙 in US

第一天去補三顆牙 有保險還是要自費255
第二天我去拔了一顆蛀掉的智齒 錢還沒算 可能是自費另一個200吧
不過醫生第一次幫我作 可能要看一下我復原的狀況
會不會感染 或流血太多之類
所以之後幾顆以後再作 三顆拔下去 我看120*3=360到400自付額吧
好像付很多錢 但是保險還已經cover 60percent了

如果去配付眼鏡聽說都要自己再掏4-500元 不過可能是名牌滴
老公叫我要習慣 不要擔心花他的錢
不要每次跟我講 就說台灣比較便宜
算算已經比他媽媽在銀行的 要便宜多了
聽說他媽媽補一顆牙 就自掏腰包花掉一千元 保險沒cover 那麼多
眼鏡 我是花不下去啦 台幣一萬多的眼鏡有點太誇張了
牙齒 不太好一口爛牙 先處理免得有小孩時麻煩多多

前天拔完牙就晃到victoria’s secret
用去年婆婆送的禮券 再貼一點錢 買了腮紅跟唇蜜
雖然牙齒後來還是很痛 但是心情變得很輕鬆
我想我慢慢地也習慣紐約了 也發覺紐約也有蠻多好玩的地方


屬狗 像狗 愛狗

屬貓 像貓 愛貓

是狗 是貓

生狗 生貓

選擇對了 全世界盡在懷抱



不是每個 都能將妳舉起放下
不是每個 都能懂得高高輕輕

時空對應 妳將發現

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