Saturday, September 17, 2005

Get Yourself A Smart Chinese Name--Ancient Chinese Name Creation Methodology

One day I got a call from my European friend, who worked as Vice President Sales in China for ten years, asked me to give him a bright Chinese name. He said, “Please give me a real Chinese-use name, it must be definitely selected by Chinese name methodology. I don’t want something long and simply combining irrelevant characters by original pronunciation, like my colleagues. None can even remember the long and funny look name. Such name can not get me any closer to the Chinese community.”

In general there are two major ways for the name methodology, i.e. culture and fortune-telling. From the cultural aspect, the Chinese name philosophy is various and the affection dominates the result. For the respect and best blessing, people traditionally may consult the oldest of the family for a name. A name for a new-born baby usually reflects either the parents’ expectation, such as good health, fortune, integrity, success, kindness, etc. Partially or wholly identical name from the parents’ generation or any elderly in the family, which is very popular in United States, used to be considered as an offense in China. To bear in mind of the ancestor’s preach, some families may strictly follow the character sequence by the ancestor’s preach or the family poetry, if there is any. For instance, “Humbleness leads to concord” is in one’s family. The children in first kinship should share the same either the middle name or the first name with a character meaning of humbleness. Next kinship should get a character mean leading, so on and so forth. Nowadays people feel more flexible and comfortable in name selection, mostly people concern better on the affection or the expected accomplishment of the children. The tradition becomes just an alternative.

From some reasons, people sometimes don’t appreciate their own names given at their birth. It is very common that business people, merchants or entrepreneurs may like to have a nickname when they do the business or just get a new one, because they may feel the original name no more serves the needs to the success at their business. Hopefully a brand new name may be the ticket of good luck. For the segment of population which worships for special blesses, the fortune-teller will customize a best-fit name to each person based on the client’s birth of date, the weakness or preference of his or her personality applied by the logics of ancient name methodology.

 The example presented below is the name I gave my friend in order to promote his academic career.

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