Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Farm Trip I: Plowing

The May of 2005 was our first Taiwan trip after marriage. Even though we missed the chance to visit Field Village Museum this time, our friend invited us to a farm located in Houli County of Taichung City near the center of Taiwan by the west coast. There were so many interesting agricultural collections which recall my mom's memories of her childhood. My mom has never worked as farmer. She was so excited and could not help happily share her old-time stories about how fun the field could entertain kids. A person who grew up in the metropolitan jungle like me does not quite understand. Somehow this trip brings us closer and touches the part of her early life which I did not know about.

This is the cow bridle and plough.
It was used at the early stage of farming to loose the soils.

Do you see the sharp front-ends like arrows?
This is a plough as well.
They help draw deep tracks for following seeding.

This tool below serves the same function as the one above. The difference is that the small wheels of this one below could be adjusted the density as you wish, which help farmers make extensive and optimal use of the land.

The picture below shows the farm in Spring is so fresh green. When it turns into Autumn, the crop will be golden shinny and ready for harvesting.

For more see Farm Trip II: Harvesting and Farm Trip III: Antique Objects.

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