Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Farm Trip II: Harvesting

Hmm...it was not done yet. All the crops must be under sunlight for days to extinguish from the moisture. For how long? It depends on the weather, they responded. During the daytime, farmers used a harrow to spread out all the crops on the gound for a rice sun tan; before sunset came, famers get all crops back to the warehouse waiting for another sun tan.

During the harvest season, all the collected rice crops had to go through the manual fan in order to filter some unmatured or bad crops or empty shells. First, put all the crops on top, then roll over the wheel on the right side, the best quality part would come out from the right-bottom passage. Those undesired would fall down from the left channel. In the old time, expected for better living, farmers kept the inferior portion as personal consumption while the superiority sold on the market.

See, those were the superior emblements.

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