Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Spoiled Brat

One day my beloved made a statement, “I decide to quit cooking for the rest of my life.” Yesterday, he restated that, “I said, ‘I quit cooking.’ If you don’t cook, then we order something.” When he said so, some glory reflected on his face and I almost sensed that he must be very proud of himself for earning some kind of royal privilege.

I said, “Dear, it seems that I spoil you already. Now you decide to be a king forever.” He replied, “HAHAHA, come on, you love it. Look at you, you don’t seem so regretted and you have a smile on your face. I enjoy your cooking and finish all whatever you cook. I know that way pleases you so much. You do spoil me and you love to spoil me.”

What can I say, my dear spoiled brat.

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