Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Unforgettable Night

On December 17, I was the hostess for my university alumni association dinner party. Earlier of this week, I was worried if the MTA strike will affect our attendance. Luckily, they decided to start from some private bus lines, biggest show time will come next Tuesday. I was busy for taking shower, picking up my dress, having my hair and make up done the whole Saturday afternoon. I wish every time my appearance will be like a princess and honor my dear hubby. He loves to attend big party with me and show my gorgeousness and beauty to people and he enjoys seeing how I catch people’s eyeballs. That must be a totally different look than usual the one at home cooking at kitchen or the one sticking on the bed till noon. But, take easy, it is not Makeover TV show, I am a natural beauty.

Suddenly, a screening from the bedroom, “I could not find my pearl necklace! And I don’t have any luxury earrings to match my dress……” said a desperate housewife. My dear came into the room and said, “Baby, you look fine and just put your hair up. We have to move soon, we are definitely late.” Anyway, I decided to wear the dedicate diamond necklace which I got from my grandma in law at my wedding with one pair it-looked-ok earrings.

In the subway, my dear asked me if I would like to stop by one place to pick up something. I thought for just a second and decided it was better to go if I did not want to get myself lost and caused trouble to the party in absence of the hostess. We got out around 34th Street and passed the Macy’s, we went to some wrong directions. It seemed my dear did not really know quite well the location was. Finally we got into a "JEWELRY STORE". People were so busy in the store, because the big holiday always went along with big sale. I kind of realized something was going on here, but “Is that true? Is that possible? No way…..Is that a surprise?” those questions kept coming out from my heart like the ripples getting more and more. My dear showed the clerk a series number on a piece of paper in his writing and said to her that he was looking for that. Then, the cool guy led me to the sapphire counter, pointed at one pair of earrings, said “Do you like that? Or, you can pick anything else you like.” “Listen to it, does it not sound like the dialog at movie? I never imagine it happens to me one day.” A little voice raised from my heart. That lady took out the sapphire earrings and presented to me. I said to my lovely dear, “I love the one pick for me, because it comes with your love and considerate thought and it turns out the love companion of you.”

The sales lady seemed hardly to believe the deal was done so soon, the whole transaction took less than 5 minutes. Before we left, she still had many question marks on her face. “Is the guy a millionaire or billionaire? Did she know he planned for this? No, I don’t think she knew. She looked surprised and had her big blue smoky eyes much bigger?” I did not know what the lady clerk really thought, but I was sure she must happy to see us again. With my gorgeous sapphire earrings, that night I was extremely surprisingly beautiful. Because I knew I had my hubby’s love with me.

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