Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Farm Trip III: Antique Objects

Antique phonograph

I saw grandpa in law had one made in Germany in better condition....
As I remembered, my uncle should keep many black musical records at home.
I wonder if he took them away when he moved out lately or my mom probably threw them all away.....sigh, what a pity.
I miss something old since old things retain part of memory of your or someone else life.

Antique iron and camera

Have you ever seen the iron like this?
I had heard of this kind from grandmom but it was my first time to eyewitness it!
Just pour hot water into the metal container under the handle. By heat transmission, your dress shirt will be pressed perfectly. But your arm may get sore later on.

Camera? By the first look, the camera seemed like a pencil sharpener to me. I was very impressed that the antique camera looked pretty mini-smart. I wondered if it still could make any good pictures, because the old ones usually made with good quality lens.

Antique flashlight

Although the flashlight is not very delicate, it is interesting.
See, it is made by the wok's cover and small lightbulb. Simple and easy invention.

Antique rice steamer, jars, and cooking utensils

Those are some old-fashioned rice cookers and steamers. On the top row, the wooden case is rice cake steamer for the New Year or special events. The two-layer, bamboo-made steamer at the middle is for buns, dumplings or dimsum. On the bottom row, there are two metal rice cookers placed around the wooden ladle. Left side of them are some clay water jars.
Even I make rice everyday, I have no idea how to use this kind, do you?

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