Friday, March 03, 2006

Lovely Katie

Cute and beautiful chinese baby

Our Aunt-in-Law just went back from China for picking up her lovely cuties. She sent the family some pictures from time to time when she stayed in China with other adoptive parents from US. After all these long waiting days, Aunt finally got her baby, a really lovely cute little thing, a blessing from heaven.

By looking at all thoes pictures, everyone could tell how happy she is and that is such rich satisfaction. I feel it is so amazing a little movement such as adoption could really changes life among the baby and the adoptive parents. Katie is no longer longly any more, she got parents' love and care since the day they met. Katie got much more facial expression and more smiles on her face, since she is in charge. I am surprised of her change since I vividly remember her longly face and shy look from her first picture. Just for one month, there is so much happiness and blessing being brought to the family, Aunt, and Katie. This time I learn the power of love and the magic of baby.

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Da Katz & Reni said...

She is beautiful... such a lovely, sweet face. So glad that Katie has a home now.

Reni (and Katie Kitty)