Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We are moving this weekend. It seems that we are always moving. Every place we stayed has special meaning and love memories to us, like the first place we met, the second we got married. Who knows what will happen to our third love apartment. Maybe that will be a start for a new career or a new born baby.

This whole week is very busy for us. After last weekend we browsed on line and visited all different sites, we start packing. My dear is extremely busy and exhausted this week as well. Besides driving three and half hours for commuting between his office and home, he has just start a evening teaching project. I am not very used to being alone at home, since we are always together. Last time he went back to his parents' place to pick up his car there, that night I got my tears out of my eyes because of the loneliness and tried to get myself very tired in order to get better sleep. Crazy, huh? This time is okay with me, because I have work to do. Packing!

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