Friday, March 03, 2006

My Kitchen: Apple Crisp

Yesterday evening while I was peeling and cutting some apples, my dear browsed some funny vedio on line. My dear said, "What are you doing, my dear?" I replied to him, "Hmmm, honestly I have no idea what I am doing now, just let my feeling show me the way I sould be." He laughed but did not come over to figure out. What I said was the truth, at the moment I just tried to make some new dessert before these apples went bad.

Then, I started put all the apple chops into the pan and boild with some water to make them tender. While waiting for the apple chops, I squeezed the lemon juice to mix with brown sugar and cinnamon power for my syrup. My dear called me again, he said "Hmmm, what is that? What are you making? Tell me. I seem to smell some apple!" "Oh! my dear, you are right, that is apple smell," said I. Now I really sensed my lovely brat was just like a little boy curisous for the dessert but also did not want to drop his toy-computer. Anyway, he was a little funny to me.

When the apples were warm and tender, I added some nutmeg and the syrup, blended well together, and served in a big bowl. My little brat was so surprised and said "Wow! That is my favor!" He moved up so fast but he did not forget to leave some for his beloved.

OS: That was the first time I made the apple crisp. I was very happy he loved the dessert and enjoyed very much when he said it was his favor.

Written by a woman very enjoying her hubby's love.
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