Saturday, March 04, 2006

Veggie Gravy: A Chinese Vegetarian Recipe

Ingredients: peas, carrots, onions, apple, and potatoes (see recipe)

Chopped, carrots, onions, apple, and potatoes (see recipe)

Onions fried in the wok / frying pan

  • Half onion

  • Half apple

  • One medium size potato

  • Some lima beans (You may use any kind of beans or peas or add some celery is fine too)

  • One skinny carrot

  • Some salt or veggie broth

  • Some white pepper

  1. Have everything chopped beside lima beans

  2. Heat up the pot with some vegetable or peanut oil, then put the onion into the pot and stir fry it till it goes brown>

  3. Add in carrot and potato and cook them about 2 mins

  4. Add in lima bean or celery and cook for 30 seconds

  5. Put in some water into the pot, the amount of the water is about just cover all your contents
    (You may add salt, white peper and vegetable broth at the moment. Or, you may wait till the end)

  6. Cook in high heat with cover till the potato is tender (about 5-8 mins, you may test it)

  7. When it is done, you may use the blender, even it is still warm.
    Mix them till it is creamy and soft

  8. Add some salt, white pepper and the broth into the creamy soup

Once I used coconut milk to draw a heart on top and showed that for my hubby. That was just for fun, not necessary to do so. The brown onion will contribute some kind of meat flavor and makes it smell good. Hope you enjoy it.

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