Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dewy Beauty

Catus is one of my dear's favorite plants. This catus is only 3 inches high. When the blooming season comes, the catus flower contributes another 0.8-1 inch for the little guy. This one is probably the smallest in our home catus garden, but it blooms first with surprising beautiful lotus-like petals.

When it started coming out from its parent, it looked just like a tiny pink lint. I had no idea how long that would take it and how the bud would be. One or two days later, the bud kept growing out with the shape of fist like. The texture of the whole thing was sort of firm and the petals were thick and juicy and kept closed. The touch was very different from the softness and fragileness of rose petals.

Another day passed, the little pink held her fist tight like a baby grabing a candy with fear of being taken away. I was wondered when she decided to share her beauty with us. Surprisingly, next day during my break I took a glance at window and found that she was smiling widely toward me! Jeez, she looked so much a like our favorite lotus.

I was very impressed of her dewy beauty. Each petal around the center from its bottom to top turned into incrediably faerie-rosy. The rest part of it was so visibly lucid which made you barely believe the ravising beauty was belonged to the desert. She must cherish much the once-a-year blooming. Her insistence to present the most gorgeous look seemed to honor herself the great achievement during her struggle growth.

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