Thursday, April 06, 2006


"Do you need my coat? You look frozen! Come to our place, we will serve you food and keep you warm." "No, no, no, you dont have to pay us anything. Just share your story or talk to us as friends, if you like. That is good enough."

We have been given so much from people around us. Wish we could return something to the world.

The pictures were taken in the Metropolian Meseum of New York. The sculpture was described that most time the artist blended her own appearance to her sculpture. This one was pretty much presented the outward of her delicate face and body shape. My dear seemed to be touched somehow by the specific masterpiece. He tried to figure out what she was thinking at the time of creation and what her message was intended to deliver to others.

I assumed that the loneliness and the desire of warmth or help could be the message that she wanted to express. She probably needed not much of others, but needed just some concern, some warm hugs and smiles, some attention of her lonesome situation. Maybe she suffered cruel treatment or something she could not share with anyone else but herself. Perhaps, the society isolated from her and she was disappointed of not being understood or she just expected a friend's companion.

This sculpture may speak for you or me or anyone. If you find someone in loneliness, no matter physically or spiritually, please open your arms to keep her/him warm and spend some time to talk and listen to her/him.

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