Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Same Missing in Two Different Places

Mom called me this morning. On the phone, she said she missed me so much and sometimes she wished she could had forgot me and then she could had stop missing me so much. I could feel her tears wet her eyes.

Technology is more advanced than ever, however, it still can not bring us any closer than we used to be. Mom always says that now only telecommunication service helps us connect together, and I am like the kite. If she does not hold that string carefully, I could just fly away to somewhere she can not reach me and can never find me. She worries and worries if one day the string will be broken for some reason or one day she can no long hold it tight and the kite will be gone of her life forever.

She gets extremely anxious if she could not reach me. To her, the kite is away to the sky toward the opposite direction of her, and it also towes out her heart to go with.

Sorry again. On the same day, in different countries, two people connected in blood share the same missing.

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