Monday, April 03, 2006

That feeling is called "Missing"

Today I opened my picture files, my mom's picture came to me. That was the field trip we had been together last May when I went back to Taipei. Don't know why I stared at her in the picture for ... some minutes. Then, I realized the feeling I had in my heart was called "missing." Yes, I miss her very much.

My dear told me that he felt he took me away from my mom. It is true since now we are apart in two different countries which will take 22 hours by flight. At that moment, I was totally in such happiness and enjoyed my marriage life. I barely understood my mom's heart was bleeding and crying hard for living apart from her baby probably for the rest of er life. It is so difficult to reach each other whenever you want to see each other. Even though the transporatation and communication are convenient nowaday, we still need plan ahead for such long trip or wait for half day until each other wakes up or gets out from the work. One day I chatted with my mother-in-law that my mom was expecting if we could go back to Taiwan for work or something. My dear's mom immediately responded with sort of fear that "Please do not do that, my heart will be broken..." At that moment, I realized that was my mom's face I did not see behind the phone and that was why my mom got so depressed when she missed so much.

Love you, mom, and I am sorry for my leaving so far away and for my carelessness not to understand you sometimes.

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