Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life Miracle

Life is interesting and full of surprise. There is a old Chinese saying the same as that in English is called, "Never says never."

Just after getting married for a year, one day something recalled my memory that there was a conversation with my boss and co-workers in my previous position as Chief Specialist in Taiwan. That evening before leaving the office, we all had a casual talk. My boss as a CFO and CPA asked us how many years of age difference we would consider to have a relationship with. I vividly remember my answer was a guy older than me up to ten years old or one younger than me up to four years old. I even emphasized my opinion about no acceptance of a too young man, when my boss further questioned me why I could not take a guy ten year younger. At that time, I was convinced that for such huge gap, there would be nothing we could share, it seemed like we did not even live in the same sphere.

God knows, what happens to me now! My hubby is 10-11 years younger than me. There are so many things we could share and he has been always supportive to me. Inevitably, he still likes 50-cents like rap music, I like my jazz and Madonna. But we share our thoughts and life experience with each other and are best friends and lovers. I remember at my teenager age, I dreamed for my prince coming to me like all girls. After several disappointed attempts, I asked God where he was, whether he was very far away or he probably had been born yet or too little to find me. That was deemed as a crazy idea and abandoned from my mind totally. Who knows, for past five years, I have been back and forward between Taiwan and US. He found me during my second trip to US. I could not forget his face on the first day we met. He looked like he found his puppy at Lost and Found.

Life is increditable. Just like this catus, you never know one day it comes out such blazely aureate flower like all those beatiful surprises to your life.