Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine's Day of 2009

Surprisingly this year I got two bunches of beautiful roses, yellow and red. My hubby let me guess the price. Hopefully my sharp price sensitivity based upon the weekly grocery shopping insight did not scare away the lovers' romantic moment.

If red rose tells ebullient, zealous and long lasting love, yellow rose says implicit dignity. That glow reflects the cherished friendship and the delight of the moment being together between lovers.

In our marriage and friendship, we appreciate the past journey walking side by side and embrace passion and respect moving towards future.


Anonymous said...

those flowers are wonderful..love the photos.

Nick B said...

That's beautiful and sure message to all lovers. Flowers are the best way to express desire and love.

Amy B. said...

Awh, that's really sweet. :-) Lovely flowers

Chef Gulzar said...


Lovely flowers.............
that look amazing!!!!!those flowers are wonderful.lovely pictures. thanks for sharing this.

James Parker….
Chef Gulzar

Obaging said...

Lovely flowers you got there. You are a lucky woman for having a very sweet guy for a husband.