Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Little Monkey

Where had I been? Here is the answer. This smiling kid keeps me busy, busy and busy all these days. Since he was born, I start my sleepless life. At his one and half years old, he loved hanging on the kitchen counter like a naughty money.

His first step was made around nine and half months old and he walks perfectly after two weeks intensive practice. Later, when his good friend at the same age, Charlie, was just about to walk, my little money had been running, climbing, jumping and chasing big kids in the playground.

His first a few words were "ba," "shout," and "shoe." "Mom" came much later near his one year old birthday when he tried hard to get my attention in the kitchen. The first recognized three-word sentence was "What is that?" While he saw the guy installed the A/C in our apartment by using power drill, he made his first question and then he did not stop impressing us his lingual talent.

He makes my day and everyday very happy and loving, especially for these given kisses and hugs from my little money. He got me a brand new iPhone 4S, which I longed for this Christmas, by accidentally dropping my 3-year-old iPhone 3G into the toilet. Son, I do not know what to say about it, but thank you for the new phone. You know me the best and gave me a very good excuse to get iPhone 4S. Love you much.

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